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About Us

Chankit Trading, is a pharmaceutical and cosmetics manufacturing company based in the heart of Bangkok. Started in 1959, we have been producing quality pharmaceutical products for over 60 years, with our products being exported to countries like Myanmar and Cambodia. In 2010, we expanded our company to produce cosmetic products, which include but are not limited to liquid soap, shampoo, conditioner, milk bath, aloe vera, hand cream, body cream, etc., which are tailored to the needs and specifications of our customers.


 Our competencies are credited to our highly skilled human capital of pharmacists, chemists and employees who diligently ensure that our client expectations are met with Quality Assurance under standards provided by Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) , Thai Food and Drug Association (FDA) and the Ministry of Health. 

Products and Services



Cosmetic / OEM Service

Our pharmaceutical products are produced in house at our factory in Bangkok. Our products range from pain relievers, antihistamines, (nonsteroidal) anti-inflammatories, paracetamol, antibiotics, among other medicines that in various forms - tablets, sugar-coated tablets, syrups,etc.

We pride ourselves with our cosmetic R&D procedures and our ability to deliver products to our  customer’s request. Quality is ensured in each step of our process from procurement and validation of raw materials to bottling and packaging the finished products. We view that R&D is an iterative process of learning and discovery that requires mutual collaboration between the client and our team.




Cosmetic OEM Samples

*Ratee is our sample brand.